Model Photo Shoots

The different kinds of photo shoots for a model and what they involve… if you are aiming to become a professional model who wants to work in front of a camera, there are a few…

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New To Modeling

Where to start when taking your first modeling steps As an aspiring model (new face), there are basic steps that you should take into consideration before starting. The first important step is to know your…

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2016 In Retrospect

Over the past 12 months, I traveled to new places for new experiences and meeting new people. I spent 18 months in the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo and ran the streets of Shibuya, the fashion…

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Shibuya Halloween 2015

Shibuya Halloween 2015 – It was off the hook here last night, and that’s putting it lightly! At the start of the evening it was already pretty crowded with costumed partiers arriving from every direction.

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D1 Drift Odaiba

Odaiba Tokyo Drift

Odaiba Tokyo Drift brings together Japan’s best drifters this weekend for the D1 Grand Prix in Odaiba, with drivers from all over Japan and the World competing in several highly charged races for the grand…

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SPOT Report Magazine

SPOT Report Magazine includes exclusive stories, insights, commentary and satirical articles that can help us all understand what great cities this awesome country has in which we work and live, by presenting the drama, challenges…

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