My main areas of interest are motorsports, media production and technology. I’m happiest when I can do something that combines all three things so my ultimate goal is to do just that. That brings me to today and my current work in video production. I like going to motorsports and automotive events and shooting video. Since moving to Japan in 2009 I go to D1, Super GT, Auto Salon and other car shows and I have a blast at these events meeting interesting people and seeing the sweet cars! I’m also working on a documentary in my spare time.

I participated in the SCCA when I lived in America and mostly focused on autocross as well as going to a road rally school. The experience I got going to the autocross events was great. You learn more about cars and driving by doing it, not watching it so I always recommend trying some kind of group or sanctioned type of racing. It’s really a lot of fun and an amazing mental and physical challenge.



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