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I came to Japan in 2006, after several years in the expat community, I found myself picking up all the English magazines to see what everyone seeks for excitement & pleasure in these foreign lands. I have seen many so many publications for the expats, coming out every month with pages packed with interviews, events & reviews from all corners of the city.

Unfortunately, nearly fifteen years later, I have noticed something — all these publications and magazines talk about the same places, the same events/parties and you always see the same faces month in and month out, I have grown deeply saddened and disappointed. These magazines seem to be worn out and lack creative interest. I have even found myself complaining that its just another interview of a local foreigner trying to promote themselves or a friend of a friend just wanting to get their face/name in the magazine, basically “there’s nothing in it worth reading”.
So I put my thoughts together to publish a magazine filled with more diverse topics and information, that’s how SPOT Report Magazine was born. My vision is that SPOT Report Magazine will include exclusive stories, insights, commentary and satirical articles that can help us all understand what great cities this awesome country has in which we work and live, by presenting the drama, challenges and delights that give real-life stories the spark that informs and inspires.

The website is up & running, I hope to give everyone the best experience and keep things simple/user friendly! Please like, share and spread the word… SPOT Report Magazine!

You can also find full stories/articles on the website, as well as galleries of photos from contributors from various events & happenings around Japan.

Website URL: SPOT Report Magazine

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