Shogunmaster Studio is a provider of high quality stills and moving imagery for fashion related e-commerce sites. We shoot thousands of garments each year, either as invisible mannequins, on-model stills, Moving Photographs interactive animations, as well as catwalk and product videos.


We have provided fashion photography for the web since the inception of e-commerce and we are very aware of the need to consider cost and throughput while consistently supplying the highest quality imagery.

We have sought out new ways to display clothing online and we have developed Moving Photographs animated sequences to bring your products to life.

Our facilities contribute to our ability to shoot vast amounts of clothing every year, and we have a network of talented stylists and hair and make-up artists to complete the picture.


MovingStills are unique interactive animated sequences designed to enable the online shopper to manipulate an image to see all aspects of a garment and really bring it to life!

Other benefits are that MovingStills can sit on the product page without the need for a separate video viewer, and also, enlargements can be built into the file allowing for a front and rear enlarged view.

These sequences are particularly effective when viewed on a tablet or mobile device, and are, without doubt, a compelling and effective sales aid.

For more information about MovingStills 360 model and product photography please click here.

To view the MovingStills animation simply swipe or drag your mouse over the image. Double tap or click to enlarge any individual frame.


Over the years we have perfected the invisible mannequin style of photography and we can offer very competitive rates on large quantities of garments shot in this way. Unpacking, prep/steaming, shooting, retouching, repacking and delivery back to you. It’s what we do!

We have a huge range of mannequins ensuring the best fit possible, including pregnant, plus size and children versions.


We can produce outstanding moving content for your product and landing pages such as catwalk video or short promos.