Every woman wants to feel pretty and sexy. With experience, working for newspapers, magazines and agencies, I offer customized portrait service unique to your style and personality of whatever you want and wherever you want it done. Whether it be family, personal, engagement, wedding, corporate portraits you require or you just want something sexy of yourself or something to give to your boyfriend/husband, I guarantee to give you the best possible results. The photo shoot would be totally open to all ages any body types. No previous modeling experience is necessary and in fact, most of my models have had no experience. Your privacy will be totally protected as I don’t post, sell or share any of my photos. You will receive copies of the pictures and I will edit select shots for you. So far all my models have had fun and loved their photos. Additionally, many have said it helped their self-esteem. If you are interested, just curious or have any questions, please contact me and we can discuss.

About Portfolio Photo Shoots

I don’t just do photo-shoots; I promote you/your images too, so be assured that Producers, Magazine Editors, Other Promoters, Product endorsers will be looking at you all the time. I can’t promise that they will book you, but you will get “noticed“… that I can promise! The “models” I have photographed, are usually not trained professionals… just friends that enjoy being in photos and like the work that I was able to provide for them (I prefer working with someone who can be natural like the “girl next door” type). I have a pretty good network of people (Product Endorsers, Promoters, Producers, Publishers, and Models) who keep an eye on my work -> Potential for getting work (paid or unpaid) is likely possible.

Location & Studio Shoots

– location chosen by client within reasonable distance (negotiable) & weather permitting -OR- own home/location -OR- studio rental at client’s expense (studio recommendations available)
– make-up artist available at additional cost
– prints available at additional cost (printed by professional labs)
– wardrobe change
– all final copies of photos, will be retouched & burnt on CD/DVD*

Please keep in mind that photograph printing and post-processing takes more time than the actual photo shoot, so you are paying not only for the shooting time but for the time spent after the shoot. However, I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Please contact me for more details or visit My Portfolio

Portfolio Collaboration

I welcome “Time For CD”(TFCD) or “Time For Print”(TFP), as long as we BOTH get shots/styles we each want from the shoot (that means we shoot YOUR styles/needs and then we shoot MY styles/needs). I shoot all styles of TASTEFUL photos, from Maxim/FHM sexy teaser styles, all the way through glamour/fashion style – sexy but beautiful. Don’t be shy… let me know what you have in mind and hopefully we can make some beautiful photos together!

If you have an idea or need photos for your portfolio and you contact me to shoot “Time For CD”(TFCD) or “Time For Print”(TFP) – DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY YOU – my time & the CD/Print(s) is your payment!

If I message you and ask you to shoot “Time For CD”(TFCD) or “Time For Print”(TFP) – DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY YOU – the CD/Print(s) is your payment.


If you cancel on me at the last minute, you’ll be sent to the back of the line… do it to me again will cause me to think you are not serious and wasting my time.

If I message you for a shoot and you send me replies that you too would like to work with me and then stop communicating with me, you’ll be sent to the back of the line… do it to me again(make excuses why you have not had time to get back with me) will cause me to think you are not serious and wasting my time.

Portrait & Portfolio Pricing

Basic Sample

¥8,000Give it a try!
  • Duration: 45-60min
  • Wardrobes: 1-2
  • Photos: 8 Retouched Photos

Tad More

¥15,000I got it!
  • Duration: 90min
  • Wardrobes: 2-3
  • Photos: 12 Retouched Photos

All The Way

¥20,000The full experience!
  • Duration: 120min
  • Wardrobes: 4-6
  • Photos: 24 Retouched Photos

Tag Along

¥18,000+A shoot with friends!
  • Duration: 90min
  • Wardrobes: 2-3
  • Photos: 12 Retouched Photos
    (each person)

※ If you would like a make over (hair & make-up), please contact me for my make-up artists information and rates.

Every pose is fully directed and many images are taken. Afterwards I will edit all photographs down to the number of images included with your chosen package. These images then receive lots of our fabulous re-touching so no need to worry about spots or cellulite. All your final retouched images will also be uploaded to a private online gallery for you to view.