Fetishes, are often kept in your bedroom, but occasionally you want to venture out into the real world; or dabble into the virtual world of FetLife to explore your fetish and to find like-minded play partners. With Shogunmaster Photography, I believe in getting the best of you, and nothing makes a better first impression than a hot photo to turn on others – or just to keep for your private self.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a model-like figure... can you make me look sexy?

My clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages. I have photographed women from age 18 to 67 and size 6 to size 20. My job is to advise you of the most flattering sets to be photographed in and to pose and light you in the best way for your individual body shape, so we accentuate your best bits and disguise the bits you’re not so keen on. I can also perform airbrushing and retouching on your images to get rid of any lumps and bumps, but to be honest we are not big fans of major body resculpting – I prefer to give you good images to start with and not rely on heavy editing to make your shape conform to what society tells us is sexy. Many clients book their shoot a couple of months in advance to give themselves time to lose a little weight or to tone up a bit by exercising more. Knowing that you are going to be photographed in just your undies is a fantastic incentive to start eating healthily and to add a bit of exercise into your day!

How will I know how to pose?

I will direct you all the way through the shoot – what to do with your arms, legs, head and even facial expressions so don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before. It is really easy and fun with lots of stretching and back-arching involved! It is a bit like a mini workout, so can be quite tiring – make sure you don’t turn up for your shoot on an empty stomach! If you have any mobility problems, it is worth mentioning it to me when you book so we can advise you which studio sets will be easiest for you.

What sort of outfits should I bring?

That will depend on the package you choose to be photographed in. Once you have booked a date for your shoot, I will send you advice on what works best in each set – for example the Room at the Top set works particularly well with a man’s white shirt and light-colored lingerie. Lacy lingerie and killer heels work in all sets, although the artistic nude set requires you to wear nothing more than a sexy smile. Most people bring a few different sets of lingerie with them so we have a choice and we can advise what will work best for you. You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer lingerie – I have seen great sets from Ann Summers, M&S and Debenhams. The most important thing is that whatever you wear FITS well – that always makes you feel more confident.

How many changes of outfit should I bring?

You don’t need lots of lingerie if you are on a tight budget. I generally advise one set of lingerie for each set you are being photographed in but you can use the same lingerie throughout the shoot if you prefer. I have white shirts here that you can borrow to give a bit of variety to your shots and also high heels in sizes 5 and 6 if you don’t have any. It also depends which package you choose – if you choose the Artistic Nude shoot, you may decide to do the whole set nude so you would not need anything (although you can start the set in lingerie to help you feel more comfortable if you wish). In each set you will get the chance to do topless & nude shots and if you decide not to go nude, then we may suggest a change of lingerie instead so feel free to bring extra sets if you want more variety. I would not advise more than 2 outfits set as you will end up spending more time in the changing room and less time in front of the camera.

Where do I get changed?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to strip off in front of me! Depending on where we are shooting, typically in a hotel room, you will have your own place for changing for the duration of the shoot. Typically there is a toilet, a sink, a mirror and even a shower in there (useful for afterwards if you do the baby oil shots!).

Do you do hair and make-up?

Packages One, Two and Three include full professional make-up and hair styling in the price of your shoot. If you would prefer to do your own hair & make up then you can deduct £50 from the package price. I can offer advice and touch up what you have done before we start shooting if necessary.  The Limited Edition shoot does not include make up and you need to arrive with your make up already applied. You will have time before we start shooting to touch it up.

Some of your pictures are very erotic - do I have to do that?

The level of nudity and what you do during the shoot is your decision. I aim to show a wide variety of styles in my galleries and everyone has a different views on what is sexy. To some it is all in the suggestion and they want to tease rather than reveal. Others want to create more erotic images and be more daring. I work at both ends of the spectrum and if you want to keep your lingerie on right through the shoot, that is fine. I never push clients to take anything off – I always say wait and see how comfortable you feel when you are in the room and you will have the opportunity to bare as much as you dare, or cover up as much as you like! Most of my galleries can be done in a “naughty” or “nice” way, depending on the level of erotica you want. Whatever you choose, I always suggest you start off the shoot wearing some lingerie to help you to settle in. You can then decide whether you are happy to go topless and eventually nude. I work at your pace!

Alternative Photography:

Fetishes, especially those in the SM world, can be as generic as using a whip, or as specific as bloodletting or needle play. If you desire a full dominatrix scene with latex, masks, and corsets, I can give you the ambiance and look you want, working with whatever props you supply for the fetish photography shoot. If you want to put your own twist on getting off while hurting the one you love, I can easily transform the studio from dungeon-dark to surreal-Candyland. I can showcase the sunny lemon as you squeeze its juice into freshly made cuts, or I can capture the moment of ecstasy on your partner’s face with the sweet, sweet burn of candlewax.

For some, it is exhibitionism – and what better way to feed your fetish than with an entire erotic photo shoot, with you and/or your partner as the stars? Erotic photography doesn’t have to be just for exhibitionists. It can be commissioned to feed your personal favorite fetish. Do you have a foot fetish, but are tired of the same old images from Google image search? With your ideas, some time and capital, I can shoot some foot models just for you – wearing shoes, barefoot, or even with mud squishing between her toes. If you can dream it up, I can create it. For pro Doms, I can take photos without showing face to protect your privacy. No one wants their boss to accidentally find them on a BDSM message board. But with a little creative thinking and discretion, I can showcase your best side without compromising your vanilla life.

Privacy is of the utmost importance. If you and your partner want to have photos in flagrant, you must feel comfortable and in the best hands. Please know that I will create a safe atmosphere for sexual artistic expression and will never compromise your need for discretion. I will do whatever I can to meet your photographic needs, In addition to being incredibly discreet, I also believe in being playful. Erotic photography can be serious, but it can also be very fun. Many have a fetish with food, and playing with food can be very exciting. Whether you want to recreate a scene from your favorite movie, or you have a fascination with Nyotaimori, naked sushi, I can sexualize food while not detracting from what is really on the menu – you. If you are into Cosplay or Pet Play. If a bunny girl, the Spiderman and the Joker want to capture the wildest threesome on record for posterity, I can do that.



$80Feeling Frisky
  • Duration: 60-120min
  • Wardrobes: Up to model (how many outfits or if any clothes will be worn in the session)
  • Photos: 12 Retouched Photos

(Payment can be made on photo day.)
Details for meeting time and location will be discussed/provided in an email.