What is the shoot for?

Hello, I am a professional photographer looking to meet open-minded female models to collaborate and build portfolios together.

I regularly pick up new equipment and always need someone to help me test it, so I want to do various styles of photography for personal testing. It’s been my overall ethos to discover and help new models & talent. Test shoots provide an opportunity for me to try new ideas with a variety of equipment and find a model’s strengths and weaknesses in front of a camera while helping each other to get useful images for both parties to use in portfolios. Successful images taken during the test shoot, will be used on my website for promotional related purposes and may be used to help talent scouts find new models (if desired).

Shooting Content

It will usually be a one-on-one photo shoot, but sometimes I may have an assistant/stylist as needed.
Outdoor photo shoots (in the city or beach etc) and indoor photo shoots (usually at a hotel).
I will shoot various poses & looks and think that it will be about 2 hours shooting time (each photo shoot).
Please bring Casual wear, Dresses and Shoes (at least one pair of high heels)
Model’s choice can do tasteful implied nude or erotic scenes (please bring swimwear, lingerie).
This is a test shoot and models will typically be asked to do their own hair and makeup so I can get a variety of styles/looks.
I’d like to decide how much shooting can be done after consultation. This is all for creative ideas.

These photographs are for personal testing, and will remain private and will not disclose any personal information.
With advance notification, select photos will be edited to be used on my personal website for tutorial instruction and portfolio samples.

Recruitment Target

I am looking for people who can be models mainly for portrait and lifestyle shoots.
– Females, couples
– Young, old, and in between (basically if you are over 20 years old -> can legally drink, then you are good)
– Pretty, handsome, interesting, unique, etc
– Tall, middle, and short
– Manicured, average, and weathered
– Japanese, tourists, expatriates, anyone

Pretty simple, any person of an average body type highly welcome… there is beauty in everyone.

Reward / Compensation

This is a test shoot collaboration and offered as a trade of my services for your time… or referred to as a “Time For CD”(TFCD) or “Time For Print”(TFP), which means I do not pay you and you do not pay me. I will provide you with a unique set of photos that you can use for personal use only or self-promotion in personal blogs, personal social networking services (SNS, like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Model Mayhem, etc), for sharing with friends, for application portfolios, etc. On social networks, always tag me (@shogunmasterphoto) in the photo, and I will do the same for you.

Models will be compensated for their time with 6 fully edited hi-res images from the shoot, for underwear or bathing suits: 9 fully edited hi-res images. In the case of erotic/nude: 12 fully edited hi-res images

Shooting Location & Time

Location: Anywhere in the metro Tokyo area (Shibuya based)
Outdoor photo shoots (around the city or beach etc) and indoor photo shoots (usually at a hotel)

Time: Anytime on Saturdays, Sundays & Public holidays

Duration: Photo shoots are typically three hours (or four hours if we have a makeup artist), usually the most interesting photos are taken in the last hour or so. I usually send detailed modeling information about the shoot a few days before the shoot especially to help new models. We will first meet at the shoot venue or other convenient location and chat a little about the shoot, and you can ask questions. You sign the model release and we start shooting. I’ll need to first take some test shots to get my camera set up right for the lighting conditions, and then we get into it. There will be changes of poses, themes, and styles through the shoot, which will require new adjustments to the camera set up and more test shots. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

If you want to become a test model, Please submit the form below.

1 Personal Information
2 Body Sizes & Information
3 Styling / Location / Casting Information
  • Basic Personal Information

  • Please upload 3 images of yourself: 1- Head & Shoulders, 1-Full Body (in shorts & tank top), 1- your choice -> .jpg images up to 4MB size
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg.

Any questions applicants might have in regards to this test shoot, please feel free to get in touch with me.


If you cancel on me at the last minute, you’ll be sent to the back of the line… do it to me again will cause me to think you are not serious and wasting my time.

If I message you for a shoot and you send me replies that you too would like to work with me and then stop communicating with me, you’ll be sent to the back of the line… do it to me again (make excuses why you have not had time to get back with me) will cause me to think you are not serious and wasting my time.

I will provide a model release and ask that the models I work with sign this release prior to our shoot.

I am professional, courteous, friendly and respectful of the models I work with and would hope for the same in return.