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How a Photoshoot Works

If you have never done a shoot before, here is a basic run through as to what happens:

  1. A few days or even weeks before the shoot, we talk to see what kind of shoot you want and we plan it out
  2. You aim to arrive at our location by the time we set… (allow time for getting lost ? )
  3. Meet & Greet…… get a tea/ coffee….. (to help you relax)
  4. Clothes are laid out in prep area and the looks to shoot are picked out and organized ….. (you  then realize you brought too much ? )
  5. Make-Up & Hair commences….. (you sit back and relax)
  6. Pep talk time….. (getting you in the zone)
  7. We take the first shots….. (you are still a bit nervous at this point)
  8. We are getting into our 3rd look and nearly there….. (you are loving it and having fun right about now)
  9. We wrap it up, finish our last look with a high five….. (you loved it so much your want to keep shooting)
  10. Wind down, get dress and head off home feeling like a million dollars
  11. Pick the best ones to go online to your private gallery

Photoshoot Tips & Advice

For the Gentlemen:

  • Suit and Tie is preferred for our shoot.
  • Primarily a button-up dress shirt, a tie, slacks, dress shoes,  and maybe even a pair of sunglasses.
  • I recommend that you don’t wear a crew neck or v-neck shirt because it just doesn’t look right when wearing your cap & gown.
  • Remember, dress shoes are a must! Graduation gowns and tennis shoes do not mix well when looking at the final pictures of the photoshoot.

For the Ladies:

  • Arrive with no make-up on if possible
  • Wash your hair the day before
  • If we will be shooting any bikini, lingerie or implied nude images, its best not to wear any bra (to avoid unsightly strap marks)
  • Avoid fake tan!! – No Tan is better than bad, patchy tan and photoshop does not fix everything
  • Can show up wearing something you feel comfortable taking photos in so we can take a variety of pictures.  We’ll be taking pictures of you in other outfits as well, pictures of you just in your dress, and also pictures of you wearing whatever you want to wear. Please reference my portfolio for examples.
  • Bring heels to be worn with outfits. Most fashion shots don’t look good when you wear sneakers or other regular shoes.  If we’re going to be walking in the grass, you might want to wear wedges so that the grass doesn’t act like quick sand. Haha.
  • You might also want to bring a comfortable pair of flip flops or sneakers like Vans or Toms just in case you get tired of walking around in your heels.
  • Retouching and Printing is completed within 28 days AFTER you select your favorite images
  • Personal usage license for any images you receive – Not for publishing or commercial use without prior agreement 
  • Please inform me as to which photos, if any, you would not like me to upload online onto FaceBook etc.

I understand that you may have a lot of questions regarding a photo-shoot and I will answer them all as best I can to make you feel at ease. If you give me your number, I can get back with you at a convenient time and go over the details with you and answer and additional questions that you may have. You can Contact Me here and leave your details.

What exactly do you do after our photoshoot?

  • So after our photoshoot session, I’ll upload the pictures to my computer, do a quick edit, and then upload an individual gallery for you.  From this gallery, let me know which top 3 portraits from our shoot are the one’s you want me to edit.
  • If we have an outdoor photoshoot session, I’ll give you all of the pictures we took from that day! I’ll typically edit all of them, so there’s no need for you to choose which pictures you want me to edit.
  • After you get back to me, I will then re-edit the pictures, do a blemish removal, make sure your hair is okay, etc.
  • Finally, I’ll make you a DVD and online download for your photoshoot session.

What is your turn around time for you to finish editing our photoshoot?

  • After our shoot, it will take me at least 1 – 2 weeks, or sooner in order for me to drop off your DVD at the mail and upload the pictures for your download.

Do you provide prints?

  • I have the ability to make prints but I usually provide you with the high-resolution files so that you can make your own prints from any location of your choice.  However, if you want me to get prints done for you, let me know and I can send you a quote on some packages.

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Useful information

I believe in giving you as much information as possible to help you to make the decision whether a shoot is right for you, so here on this website you will find full details of all our services and package prices too – no hidden extras or nasty surprises! If there is anything you can’t find or any detail that we haven’t covered, you can contact me and I will give you all the information you need (and probably some you didn’t know you needed). Don’t be scared to get in touch – it’s the first step to a fantastic photoshoot experience – you will be so pleased you did it!

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Many people contact me saying they are worried they will not look as good as the images in our galleries. Well, none of the people featured here are models – they are all different ages, shapes and sizes and I hope you will agree that they all look fantastic! And you can too…take a look at what my past customers say about how they felt before and after their shoot…if they can do it, so can you!!