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I am a freelance photographer & desktop publisher working in the fashion media industry, with a passion for fast paced events & extreme sports. I try to capture this passion in my photography assignments for clients as well as in my private work.

I am available for assignment work, and my complete image archive, which contains some photos from the various events I have had the chance to photograph since 2006, is fully searchable from within the galleries.

Your comments and feedback would be most appreciated.

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What I Offer You

I specialize in taking photos for various culture and lifestyle magazines. Furthermore I create engaging event photography and corporate promotion materials by capturing the essence of a company’s products, activities and people. Please have a look at my photography work, both private and commissioned.

With experience, working for newspapers, magazines and agencies, I am in the know and have access to many events. Whether it be family, personal, engagement, wedding or corporate video service you need, I guarantee to give you the best possible results. Based in Tokyo and often traveling throughout Japan, no job is too big and no job is too small.

Special Offers

Would you like some photos for Facebook, to send to your friends or possibly something sexier to give your boyfriend or husband? I’m a freelance photographer looking for some new models to shoot with and no modeling experience is necessary. Housewives, office ladies, etc are all welcome. You don’t have to look like a super model; I’m looking for all ages and body types. I don’t publicly post, share or sell any of my photos and you will receive copies of your photos. The photo shoot is free and if you are interested or curious, please contact me and I can send you a link to some of my work.

I welcome “Time For CD”(TFCD) or “Time For Print”(TFP), as long as we BOTH get shots/styles we each want from the shoot (that means we shoot YOUR styles/needs and then we shoot MY styles/needs). I shoot all styles of TASTEFUL photos, from Maxim/FHM sexy teaser styles, all the way through glamour/fashion style… sexy but beautiful. Don’t be shy, let me know what you have in mind and hopefully we can make some beautiful photos together! I am always looking for new models, I need to gain more experience. While I produce great results, I look at each shoot as a learning opportunity. In turn, I hope you will help an aspiring photographer and work with me on a TF* basis.

I like to help new faces feel like models to get a bit closer to their goals, it’s my job is to make you look GOOD; it’s your job is to make the guys lose their minds!

If you cancel on me at the last minute, you’ll be sent to the back of the line… do it to me again will cause me to think you are not serious and wasting my time.

If I message you for a shoot and you send me replies that you too would like to work with me and then stop communicating with me, you’ll be sent to the back of the line… do it to me again(make excuses why you have not had time to get back with me) will cause me to think you are not serious and wasting my time.

I will provide a model release and ask that the models I work with sign this release prior to our shoot.

I am professional, courteous, friendly and respectful of the models I work with and would hope for the same in return.

For a more immediate response, please contact me via email

The Shogunmaster Portrait Model Program is an exciting and great way for young adults to earn some extra money, while helping to promote Shogunmaster Photography’s portraits for future events & upcoming models. With a minimum of 3 complimentary portrait sessions and discounted services, together with other free items, the aim of the program is for you to pass on the word to your family, friends and classmates about your finished portraits and your portrait model experience with Shogunmaster Photography.

You will be automatically rewarded for ALL of the referrals you direct to Shogunmaster Photography.

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Discover My Works
  • Fashion Events Portfolio

    Twice a year fashion shows such as Tokyo Girls Collection & Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show off their trends.

  • Motorsports Portfolio

    Car and motorcycle racing events such as Super GT, Superbike, D1 Grand Prix, Monster Energy and Red Bull

  • Portraits Portfolio

    Select portrait shots that I have collaborated on to work on new ideas building portfolios with models.

  • Car Shows Portfolio

    Japan has every kind of car show you could imagine, from classic cars, to custom cars and tuners.

  • Club Events Portfolio

    Anything from Go-Go Girls & Pole Dancers to Halloween parties going on at clubs on any given weekend.






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